2016 Annual Conference: July 10-12

2016 Annual Conference: July 10-12


Register | Awards competition is closed.

There are many reasons to register to attend the 2016 OCPRA Annual Conference:

  • exceptional lineup of speakers
  • best awards competition and program
  • affordable in-state professional development

Public relations in the age of new media is a complicated game. The landscape is filled with opportunity and challenge.

The Oklahoma College Public Relations Association provides superb networking opportunities for new and seasoned PR professionals — from both public and private institutions. We honor the creative imagination of our members and member institutions in their marketing and public relations efforts.

As the field of public relations has changed, so has OCPRA. Today we embrace into our ranks writers, designers, photographers, web developers, social media types, sports info specialists and event managers. Learn more about our relaxing annual summer conference, an informative fall luncheon and our exciting awards competition.

Countdown to the 2016 OCPRA Annual Conference: